Fractional CMO services
For DTC health and wellness brands

Some brands just need a comprehensive marketing plan.

The good news is, while the foundation of what we offer is on-going fractional CMO services, we have one-time diagnostic sessions which help you identify the right marketing strategy and how to implement that strategy for your e-commerce brand.

The work we do

We have THREE specific options to help health and wellness brands thrive.

CMO Full Engagement

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer for your health and wellness business for 10 hours per week, includes:

• Implementing the Functional Marketing® Framework to develop a custom marketing strategy, establish KPIs, create reporting, define positioning, identify hidden revenue and more.

Functional Marketing® Systems RoadMap which illustrates the customer journey. Delivered after first 30 days.

• Two-Week Sprint Planning, and Progress Review calls led weekly.

• Hire, train, evaluate and fire vendors, employees, & contractors
3-month minimum commitment (short-term, high-octane).

 Investment: starting at $7,000 per month

Great fit for

DTC Companies:

... With an annual income of at least $1 million, who are looking for a growth plan and  help with execution.

CMO Half Day Consult

Your half day consult includes:

4-hour Strategy/ Planning Session. A team cohort session to identify current issues and focus your marketing strategy using the Functional Marketing® Framework. (Customized, based on your company’s current needs.)

7-day Business Discovery/ Research Period via email correspondence.

• Deliverables: Marketing audit, list of blindspots, and marketing campaigns for next 1-6 months.

(Perfect if you’d like to see how the Functional Marketing® Framework works before hiring a Fractional CMO.)

Investment: Starting at $5,000

Great fit for

DTC companies:

... Doing $1 million annually, with a strong marketing team, in need of a marketing leader to establish priorities and objectives.

Fractional CMO Advisor

Available after at least one 90-day sprint with CMO Full Engagement or a Half-Day Marketing Audit

A fractional CMO leading your team as a strategic advisor, includes:

Sprint Planning calls led twice-monthly
• Unlimited email correspondence
• Grow long-term with the least financial risk
• Access to our marketing campaign standard operating procedures (SOPs)6-month commitment

Investment: Starting at $3,000

Great fit for

DTC companies:

... past the $1 million mark, who have completed a half-day consult, have a marketing roadmap, and in need help with execution.