DTC Wellness brand

"How a DTC wellness brand fired their paid media team and added $20k per month in revenue."

DTC Wellness brand

Selling an anti-aging supplements and beauty devices


DTC, Health/ Wellness

Services we provided

  • Vendor management
  • Paid media
  • Leadership

The client

Wellness DTC brand struggling to scale with paid media.

Where were they before working with us?

This brand was using 2 paid media agencies. One for Facebook ads. One for Google ads.

And they had a limited budget for testing and producing new creative for each platform.

What problem were they facing?

They weren't adding enough new names to their database. If they didn't find a way to boost new customer acquisition they were months away from experiencing a massive drop in revenue.

What did we do to solve it?

Restructured paid media team - First, we consolidated our ad budget. Next, we hired a new paid media team. Finally, we set clear expectations on target CPAs and how we wanted to run our creative testing.

What results did we achieve?

Within 30 days we increased revenue $20,000 per month. We turned their worst performing month into one of their best months of the entire year. And turned an average performing product into a profit marketing funnel.

Client impact statement:

"That's more than double the revenue we did last year. Great job."

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